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Theilman Trailride

Some of the best riding in Minnesota!

The 2021 Spring Trail Ride will be held May 22nd and 23rd
The 2021 Fall Trail Ride will be held Sept 11th and 12th

Where: Zumbro River Bottoms Horse Campground
Click here for map
T-83, Kellogg, MN 55945; Theilman MN

Sign up:
ONLINE SIGNUP ONLY! There will no signup at the trail ride.

Ride Start/End Times:
8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday

6PM-10PM Friday
7AM to 4PM both Saturday and Sunday

Signup is closed.

Online Sign up ONLY - credit/debit (no cash transactions are allowed) (DO NOT expect to get in by just showing up, you will be turned away).

ENTRANCE FEE (18 and older):
- $50/each person total for full weekend
- $30/each person per day (can sign up for Sat or Sun)
- $30/each kid total for the full weekend
- $20/each kid total per day (can sign up for Sat or Sun)
Kids 11 and under are free
$5 gate for non-riders (must be paid online at the time of registration. One time fee.)
(All people MUST be accounted for and PAY to get into EVENT. This includes NON-RIDERS (NO Exceptions).

NO REFUNDS IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE SIGN UP RULES, Refunds will only be available if event is canceled.

Additional costs:
-AMA District 23 (ARMCA) asks that ALL riders who participate at trail rides in Minnesota be a member of an AMA district. For those of you who are not AMA District competition card holders, ARMCA offers an annual trail ride membership to ARMCA for $15.00 per person and for families with kids, a $30.00 family pass is available that will cover membership requirements for your whole family for a calendar year. As always, we will honor current district card holders from outside our state and Canadian competition card holders as well.
-DNR camping fee of $22 per night per camping unit (tent, RV, etc).
-AMA membership is not required, but is suggested.

We have about 45 miles of trails not including forest service roads. 15 miles of river bottoms (nice open trails) and 10 miles of woods 2 track that is all suitable for all dirt bikes. There is also about 20 miles of single track. All trails are marked and range from easy to challenging.

Two mini areas right next to the campground provide lots of fun for the little guys.

The GECC trail ride will no longer accept ATVs, motorcycles only.
Golf carts are no longer allowed, per the DNR.

-DNR Registration Decal
-Machine must pass a sound check of 96 db or less (STRICTLY ENFORCED!)
-USFS approved spark arrestor
-Everyone must wear a helmet while riding

Please keep your little riders under your supervision at all times. There is a lot of traffic on the campground roads during the trailride, and it can be dangerous for young kids on small bikes. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time! ABSOLUTLY NO PIT OR CAMPGROUND RIDING FOR KIDS AFTER TRAIL HOURS…. please get the kids out on the trails.

Things to Know:
- Trails are marked with arrows and other types of signage -
- There may be sections of trail that include 2-WAY TRAFFIC -
- While traveling within the campground and on roads SLOW DOWN & USE CAUTION -
- This area is only available to us twice a year. Please treat it with respect so we can continue to enjoy it! -
- There is no gas and VERY limited services available at Theilman. -
- You WILL have fun! -

We have a permit from the DNR for our event that exempts out of state riders from needing to buy a MN offroad sticker. This exemption is only for our event. Copies will be included in your signup packet upon arrival and you need to have it with you while riding.  

Zumbro Bottoms Trail Ride Safe to Ride Protocol

● No district cards or child waiver cards sales at the event. You must get them in advance.
● Pre-Registration only. There will be no sign up at the event. All sign-ups will be done online in advance of the event.
● HEIC (Health Executive In-Charge) is Tim Larson.
● No support people will be allowed to attend with registered riders. Anyone who is not a registered rider or registered person will be turned away at the gate and no refund will be issued.
● Upon “gate” entry, each vehicle will stop and riders will show current District 23 cards. A packet will be given to each rider containing rider wristbands, a copy of the safe to race protocol and any other pertinent information.
● Camping is allowed on Friday and Saturday night.
● All trash/garbage must be taken home with you.
● Camping units must be spaced at least 30 feet apart for social distancing. All parking will be setup to enforce social distancing and strictly enforced.
● Attendees must stay in units of less than 10 people and follow social distancing guidelines.
● Trail ride time is 8am – 5pm Saturday and 8am – 4pm Sunday.
● At the conclusion of the trail ride on Sunday, all riders must pack up and leave in a timely fashion.
● When deemed appropriate...workers will wear face masks, gloves, or helmets.
● If you are experiencing a fever, cough, or other Coronavirus symptoms, please do not come.
● If you are attending the event, you must bring your own sanitizers and camp cleaning items.
● If you are attending this event, you must provide your own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment...Gloves and Facemask or face coverings)
● The only bathrooms provided will the existing state owned facilities. No additional porta potties will be provided.
● If you are not prepared to follow these guidelines, you should not come to this event. If you come to the event and do not follow these guidelines, you will be asked to leave.
***There will be no exceptions to any of the Safe to Race protocol. You can either follow the instructions or not participate. Those are the choices for us to be able to hold an event. ***