Theilman Trailride

Some of the best riding in Minnesota!

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The 2015 Spring Trail Ride will be held May 16th and 17th
The 2015 Fall Trail Ride will be held Sept 12th and 13th

ALL camping will be at the West campground. And please remember to pay the camping fee. The DNR counts the number of camp sites used at our events and compares them to the number of paid sites over the weekend. The percentage that pay is not very good historically, and reflects poorly on us. The payment of camping fees has gotten much better the last few events and makes a very strong statement to the DNR about off road events. And we appreciate more folks paying. But we need everyone to pay. So please help us out by paying the fee right when you pull in. Thanks!

The DNR is forbidding bringing of any unapproved firewood into any state run campground due to the ash emerald beetle risk. So you can NOT bring your own firewood this year unless it is from a DNR certified seller. Gathering down wood in the State Forest remains acceptable and there is plenty of it around to gather and cut. Many Kwik Trips sell DNR approved wood.

Minor Release Forms:  Starting in 2012, AMA will be strictly enforcing all minor release forms to be either 1.) signed by both parents and notarized before the event or 2.) witnessed and signed by BOTH parents at registration. If a parent has sole custody of the child, they can solely sign the form with a note to that effect. Notary can use the space at the bottom of the form to stamp and sign. However, AMA offers an annual minor release card. Upon validation, AMA will issue a verification card that is valid for one calendar year from January 1st to December 31st. Present this card during registration at any AMA sanctioned event to skip minor release form paperwork.
Single Event Minor Relase form
Minor Annual Relase form  

Pancake Breakfast Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 10:00 am, at the campground. Proceeds from the breakfast will be used to pay for some land acquisition costs for the Houston OHV trail project. Tom and Karen Umphress and the GECC members put on a great feed!

All registration, sound checks, etc. will be at the big West Assembly area as it has been the past couple of years. We do NOT have any ability for pre-registering, all registration is handled at the trailride itself.

Take County Road 4 either north from Hwy 42 near Plainview, MN or south from Hwy 60 to Theilman, MN. Take County Road 86 Northeast through the town of Theilman. You will come to a Y about 1.5 miles down 86. Stay right at the Y to the campground/signup area. It will be well arrowed so just follow arrows.

Camping available at staging area, no hook ups but there will be a charge for camping at all DNR campgrounds in this unit this year. This charge is per camping unit (5 folks in a tent or 1 in an RV is the same charge, for example), not a per vehicle charge. The DNR camping fee is $16 per night. 

Start Time:
8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday

Signup Times:
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Friday
8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday

Trailride Cost: (We accept Cash & Checks, no cards please)
Adults: $25 per day, $40 for both days.
Ages 13-17: $10 per day, $15 for both days.
Kids (12 and under): FREE

Additional costs:
-AMA District 23 has stated that trailriders will need to be members of the district. There is a $10 trailrider card per family and it covers minors. They will be available at the event. Full AMA District 23 memberships will also be available. You will not need to buy one if you have any other AMA District 23 competition card.
-DNR camping fee of $16 per camping unit (tent, RV, etc).
-AMA membership is not required, but is suggested.

We have about 45 miles of trails not including forest service roads. 15 miles of river bottoms (nice open trails) and 10 miles of woods 2 track that is all suitable for all bikes. There is also about 20 miles of single track. All trails are marked and range from easy to challenging.

Two mini areas right next to the campground provide lots of fun for the little guys.

-DNR Registration Decal
-Machine must pass a sound check of 96 db or less (STRICTLY ENFORCED!)
-USFS approved spark arrestor
-Everyone must wear a helmet while riding

Things to Know:

- Trails are marked with arrows and other types of signage -
- There may be sections of trail that include 2-WAY TRAFFIC -
-While traveling within the campground and on roads SLOW DOWN & USE CAUTION -
- This area is only available to us twice a year.  Please treat it with respect so we can continue to enjoy it! -
- There is no gas and VERY limited services available at Theilman. -
- You WILL have fun! -

See a map of the trail layout here 

Not all of these trails will be used, but it gives you a good idea of how much riding we have to offer!

NOTE TO OUT OF STATE RIDERS: We have a permit from the DNR for our event that exempts out of state riders from needing to buy a MN offroad sticker. This exemption is only for our event. Copies will be available at signup and you need to have it with you while riding.


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